We are Starting a Facebook Cookbook Club!


IMG_20200506_1512471_rewindI collect cookbooks! Love sharing the books, recipes, and meals cooked from the books with friends and family.  To that end, it was suggested that I turn the Facebook page into digital dinner party/ cookbook club.

How it will work: On the first Monday of each month, I will announce that months cookbook, give you the low-down on what makes it a must-have, and share one of my favorite recipes from it.

You will need to find the book from your local library or purchase from a bookstore/Amazon. Then you select a recipe or two to cook and share with your family. Take pictures because as Members, you can post pictures of the dishes, share thoughts about the cookbook and trade cooking tips (too much spice? Or not enough cheese?) right on the group’s page. 

Then at the end of the month, give me a suggestion for the following months new cookbook.


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