Cookbook Review: 500 Casseroles by Rebecca Baugniet

 As January is National casserole month, it only seemed fitting that we reviewed a book of collected casserole recipes.  This months review is “500 Casseroles” by Rebecca Baugniet.  The book although small in size is great in the value of its recipes.  
    Although, there isn’t a story behind each recipe, there is a short intro to each section or chapter.  Another great addition to the book is that the author included equipment needed and special ingredients needed for the recipes found. The book itself is well laid out with lots of wonderful photos.

    The contents listed at the beginning, allows the cook to choose a category to start cooking from; such as casseroles fit for a family feast, elegant fare, or international favorites.  Another great feature is that the author has included at the end of each section variations to the recipes such as with basic jambalaya.  She provides you with five different variations some with a change with creole seasonings, some with pasta, some with turkey, some with snapper and some with ham. In each case, it is a change in ingredients, either adding a new ingredient or removing or changing seasonings.

    The recipes are well laid out with a cross reference to a variations page listed just under the title. Each provides a step by step instruction, complete with the amount of serving it will feed.  In some recipes she has also given how many it’s serves as a main course or how many servings as an appetizer. Each recipe is beside its own photo of the finished product, giving the chef an excellent idea of what the dish should look like upon completion.

Overall book is a fantastic find for the home chef, with the never ending question of what’s for dinner.  As many return to cooking at home, this book is valuable with its 500 casserole recipes.  The chef is sure to find a meal to please everyone seated at the table.  I wholeheartedly recommend this cookbook to any chefs library.

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