Simple Family Style Valentines Day Dinner

     Valentines Day is just not just for romantic couples, but full loving homes. Eating together as a family is a way for them to engage and connect with one another.  Having theses dinners with the entire family was a great treat in our house.  When we came home to California from Europe, big family dinners were a priority.  Start the fun by creating the Valentines mood of love by inviting everyone, that includes grandma and grandpa. Get the kids involved with the by cutting out of heart shape cheese and potatoes.   Grandparents can thread the kababs.  Have the kids set the table.  Get every family member into the kitchen to help.  That was the fun part of growing up, specially when done with the grandparents.

Menu:   Heart shaped Caprese Salad 

  Heart shaped roasted potatoes

Grilled Steak and Veggie Kabobs 

Strawberry cupcakes 

  1. Instead of focusing on sweet treats this Valentine’s Day, show your child how to make this tasty salad that’s full of color, fresh flavors, and heart-healthy ingredients. A Caprese salad is a simple dish. Here your child can add a Valentine’s Day touch to this traditional salad by cutting the mozzarella into heart-shaped slices! 
  2. The potatoes were thick slices of red potatoes cut into heart-shapes, brushed with olive oil, and roasted in the oven on a greased cookie sheet for approximately 25 minutes at 350 degrees.
  3. The kabobs are simply sirloin steak cut into cubes and threaded onto wooden skewers along with onions and peppers and then cooked on the grill until desired doneness.

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