How to Throw an Outdoor Chocolate-Tasting Party

As a Chef and Caterer, I find that many of my clients are looking for different ways to entertain outdoors. One of those ways is with an Outdoor Chocolate Tasting Party. Here are a few tips to throw your own chocolate tasting party. It is a fun way to allow yourself and your friends to indulge in a chocolate fantasy. Start off with a Swiss Chocolate Fondue!  That always kicks the party off right. 

  1.    Prepare your guest list and invitations. Be sure to specify that it is a chocolate tasting party. Suggest that they eat a little something light before coming to indulge in chocolate delights. Make sure you have a patio or camp fire going to keep everyone warm. Also, throw in some deck blankets and hand or feet warmers for your guests.
  2.  Do a little research on chocolate. Learn how chocolate is made. Take your guests on a chocolate tour from bean to bar. Learn about the nutritional value of chocolate. If you plan on a variety of chocolate from around the world – such as Belgium chocolate or Swiss chocolate – then explain, the differences and it how it differs from American chocolate.  
  3.     Provide a variety of chocolate for your guests to taste and compare. Choose about 5-10 of your favorite kinds of chocolates. Make one of those chocolates a main event piece, such as a chocolate fondue. With a fondue, you can also explain the cooking and melting aspects of chocolate. Don’t be a purist, there are white chocolates, chocolates with fruits and nuts, and spicy Mexican chocolate. Explore and mix your choices.  If you want to really get elegant, add several different wines to pair with the chocolate.
  4.      Label each of your chocolate platters. By labeling your platters, your guest will know exactly what chocolate they are enjoying. Don’t let them be confused between a Swiss milk chocolate and a Hersey’s milk chocolate!
  5.      Have unsalted pretzels or water crackers available. So much chocolate can be over whelming, by providing crackers you guest can cleanse their palates between chocolates. Also, have plenty of cold water on hand for drinking. Create a simple form with a chocolate rating scale. With a simple form, your guests will have a record of what they liked and disliked. Doing this helps you plan for your next chocolate tasting party!

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