Tips for Small Winter Outdoor Dinner Parties

            This year has been rough on everyone. Not being able to see our loved ones and enjoy their presence is a hardship. Many of us are used to having big family dinners or even just the occasional small dinner party. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has put a damper on all our plans. There are still ways you can enjoy company and still stay safe. Here are some tips to make sure you have a healthy time with you nearest and dearest.

  • Have it outdoors. Now hear me out, I know it’s winter, but being outdoors with the fresh air will help in staying healthy. Just set up a few portable heaters to warm up by or even have fire pit.
  • Serve hot drinks. To keep the spread of Covid-19, use a different color glass for each person. Or you can tie a ribbon around each glass. Anything could work to individualize eat of your guest’s drink ware.
  • Keep hand sanitizer on hand. Have a few bottles around so that guests can use them throughout the night.
  • Social Distancing. Allow plenty of room between people. Just because you can have (or 20) people, doesn’t mean that you should. Keep your invitation list small. Have your guests wear masks while visiting.
  • Easy to serve food. Choose a meal that is simply served by your guests. Better yet- support local businesses and order from your favorite restaurant. Dining out but at home.
  • Be understanding. Don’t be disappointed if your invitation to dinner is declined. It’s not personal, it’s Covid.

And remember to enjoy your time together. We don’t get many chances to make new memories with the ones we love. But it is not impossible. Everyone stay safe and stay healthy. Appreciate the moments before they are gone!

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