Wedding Reception Menus Ideas

            Weddings seen like a whole season within themselves. They can be pretty stressing too. You don’t always have to go all out and spend lots of money to make your day memorable. These days, simple, outdoor weddings and receptions are a significant thing. They can be big or small. Either way, they are enjoyable.

            If, you don’t want to do an outdoor reception or even a reception at all, you can opt for a wedding brunch. The mornings of are normally hectic, but they do not have to be that way. Get your wedding party together and have a light brunch. You can do your toasts and all the after-wedding stuff before you walk down the aisle. You don’t want a heavy meal; still have to out that dress on.

            Here is a list of perfect wedding reception meals and brunches.


            Crepes with fruit are perfect for this occasion. They are delicious, easy to make and light. Since you won’t be having a big cake, you can settle for some yummy coffee cake.


            For a reception, you can set out grazing tables, with meats and cheeses, fruits and vegetables. You can also add a variety of nuts to pair with it all. Other ideas are fresh, small flatbread pizzas, caprese skewers, bacon wrapped asparagus, or even berry cup. The idea is to keep things light, so that your guests don’t have to have a big sit-down dinner. This makes it easier for guests to mingle and enjoy the night.

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