Spring Brunch

Some families prefer a Holiday Brunch as their holiday get together.  Keeping the holiday dinner a more small private affair.  A family brunch is a much easy affair to arrange, because your not the one doing all the cooking.  Families will sometimes offer to pitch in and bring a dish or two. This brunch menu is…

Deviled Eggs for Easter

Start your meal strong with an appetizer that’s made for the family holidays. These deviled eggs are delicious, and the best part, there’s always more where they came from! Deviled eggs without vinegar are a party-favorite and a go-to appetizer recipe for any host. Top them with different combinations to keep your imagination running and…

Retro Easter Ambrosia Salad

          I absolutely LOVE Ambrosia Salad! I could eat it any day of the year. First time I had it was about 10 plus years ago, at an Easter family dinner. To be honest though, it did not look to appetizing at first. After being told several times just to try it already, I did….

Easter Baked Ham

            I have had ham for Easter dinner as long as I can remember. Made deliciously and well, it looks beautiful too. The pineapples and the cherries add the perfect touch to the taste and the sight of the meal. My favorite way to make this holiday staple! Ingredients 1 fully cooked bone-in ham (6…

How to Plan a Party for the 2021 Holidays

          The 2021 holidays are around the corner! And with them comes the opportunity to entertain those nearest and dearest to you.  Hosting any kind of party can be incredibly stressful but with these easy, quick steps, your get together is going to be exactly as you envisioned it would be. So, let’s get started….

Whiskey and Ginger Carrots

This is one of my favorite veggie dishes!  I love Jameson Irish Whiskey, so using it in this dish gives me that touch of Irishness that I love to add to menus. This recipe serves 2-3 servings, but with me and my husband, it only gives only two servings.  We love our garden fresh carrots….

Simple Easter Dinner Menu for Two

Planning a special family holiday dinner is in order during this “stay at home” pandemic. I have found reading through my cookbooks as well as my mom’s, I can come up with something really special, maybe even old fashion or traditional. Growing up we always had special family holiday dinners. Roast Turkey with all the…